GravityBox Installation

GravityBox requires a rooted device with the Xposed Installer (Framework) installed. If you don’t have the Xposed Framework installed, you can install it here.

After installing, open it and tap on Framework.

Since I already have it installed, the active version numbers are green. You’ll see yours are still red. Press the Install/Update button. You will be prompted to allow Xposed root access. Once that’s done, you can reboot by pressing the Reboot button. Do not use the Soft reboot option.

After rebooting, launch the Xposed Installer from your app drawer & tap Download. This is where you can find Xposed Modules from the Xposed Repository within the Installer. Tap the search icon at the top.

By the time you’ve typed “grav”, you’ll see GravityBox [KK] and GravityBox [JB]. Pick your applicable flavor and swipe to the right to the Versions tab.

Tap the Download button to install the latest version. After it’s installed, tap Done instead of Open like you normally might. You’ll soon see a new notification from the Xposed Installer that you have a module installed but not activated. The notification will give you the option to activate & reboot. Alternately, you can hit your Back button twice to return to the main Xposed Installer menu & tap Modules. You’ll see GravityBox listed. Check the box on the right to activate it & reboot.

Now that you’ve successfully installed GravityBox, activated it & rebooted you’re ready to start tweaking the settings to you liking. You’ll find GravityBox in your app drawer just like any other app.

Screenshot tutorial  coming soon!

 Here’s a video installation & activation tutorial:

A good review I found on YouTube by Jared Busch:

GravityBox was also featured on XDA Developer TV:



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